5 Best Teas You Can Gift Your Loved Ones This Holi

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3 min readMar 22, 2022

Holi is the festival of forgetting differences and sharing brotherhood in the form of colours and gifts. Nevertheless, selecting the best present for the people you love can be confusing and time-consuming.

To help you with your difficulties, here is the best selection of garden-fresh Halmari teas. You can select any one among these as remarkable gifts for your loved ones or create an assortment of multiple to make the festivities even special.

  1. Oolong Tea

This oolong tea can be one of the best choices as a tea gift at this Holi festival. This beverage entails the essence of green leaves, yet it gives somewhat the superior taste of black tea because of its half-oxidised leaves. Therefore, it is suitable for those individuals who are health-conscious. The health benefits of this hot cuppa include prevention of diabetes, improvement of brain function, etc.

So, you can wrap a box of oolong tea for presenting as a gift to your near ones. Gifting this beverage will express how much you care for those individuals.

Make this auspicious occasion of Holi more memorable by sharing Halmari tea as a gift.

2. Masala Chai

Masala chai is a blend of rich flavours of Indian spices. As a result, the aroma and tastes it gives will lead sippers to the world of magnificent bliss. Therefore, it can be the perfect gift for your near ones who are keen on savouring a rich taste. Moreover, it will uplift their mood and restore their energy immediately after consuming.

You can also tell them to add honey and milk while brewing. It will give their taste buds a classy sensation, and they will know your reason for selecting this particular beverage, among many other teas.

3. Lemon Green Tea

This beverage is the perfect fusion of lemongrass and garden-fresh tea leaves from the fertile Assamese valley. It is perfect for those intense times when individuals seek to uplift their minds to concentrate on something. In fact, one can sip its hot cuppa to get relief from mild to severe headaches. This way, this Vitamin-C enriched beverage can significantly give its connoisseurs numerous benefits.

So, you can consider these as a precious gift for your favourite ones on this solemn occasion of Holi. It will re-energise their fatigued soul and help them focus on their tasks in a refreshed manner.

4. White Tea

White tea is basically unfurled, and young tea leaves. Its hot cuppa gives a profuse taste of tendered leaves that will give your taste buds a rich aromatic blast. It is better to enjoy this beverage without mixing any additives. This is because if you pour something, you may not enjoy the natural fragrance and taste it contains.

Therefore, gifting this beverage on this holy day can be symbolic of your never-ending affection for that person.

5. CTC and Orthodox Blend

This mix of two kinds of beverage ensures a two-fold blast of rich taste and superior aroma. Halmari uses traditional plucking, oxidation, and withering to process the tendered tea leaves while making this blend.

To add a classy taste to your hot cuppa, you can brew this with milk. Additionally, being a traditional tea, one can serve this with suitable snacks to bring that vintage appeal. So, you should select this beverage for those who like classic gifts. They will accept this gift with inexplicable joy.

Gift these fresh teas from the valleys of Assam on this fun occasion of Holi. With their mesmerising flavours, you will add a new colour to their celebration of this vibrant festival. The intense taste of these beverages will remain intact on their taste buds for a long time, asking you to bring them some more.



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