5 health benefits of drinking masala chai in the summer

Summer, winter, or monsoon a cup of ‘kadak masala chai’ suits every weather. It is famous for its aroma and unique taste. Sipping this tea any time of the day will refresh your mind and body. It is very normal in India to serve this tea to guests upon their arrival. It is a kind of welcome drink. In fact, it is almost impolite to not offer them some tea. Masala tea is a combination of surprising elements. The recipe involves using spices like cinnamon, ginger, cloves, cardamom, and black pepper

5 health benefits of drinking masala chai in the summer

There are several ways of cooking this tea. The traditional recipe goes something like this, where water is boiled and then, along with tea leaves, all the spices are added to garner a brew and then the brew is topped with some milk and the mixture is again brought to a boil. This tea is then sieved and served hot to the guest with sugar along its side. However, there have been evolutions to this recipe as well. We can now find masala chai tea bags online. Here you will dip the bag in a cup of hot water, let it sit for a couple of minutes, and add milk, Voila!

Besides its delightful taste, this tea possesses a lot of health benefits too! Let’s discover the top 5 among them

Increases Your Energy Levels

The key ingredient to any type of masala tea is black tea. Black tea contains high levels of caffeine. Which alone lifts your energy levels. Caffeine has some side effects, however, the spices in the masala tea work well and balance it out. To get the best strong flavor in your masala tea, you must buy Assam tea. Since it is the finest black tea.

It is called masala tea since a lot of ‘masala’ an Indian term for spices are used while brewing this tea type. The most prominent element is ginger. Which is very efficacious. It is also anti-inflammatory and, hence, in totality, the tea has a positive impact on your body. One more ingredient that is used in masala tea is cloves. Cloves are popular for their painkilling properties. If you buy Indian masala chai tea bags, they will always have ginger and cloves as the key elements.

Masala tea is a superfood for your immune system. The cinnamon and cloves prove very effective. They craft a defense system that shields you from infections and other problematic foreign particles.

The spicy brew also helps with your digestive processes. When you add ginger into the mixture, it creates a refreshing and calming effect on the body.

Masala tea is made from black tea, which is powerfully anti-oxidizing. This drink naturally lowers cholesterol levels because of its clove and elaichi ingredients.

By now we are sure that you are well accustomed to the health benefits of masala chai during summer. The Halmari Tea Estate is a leading producer of Assam tea. Assam tea is one of the finest black teas therefore, use that while preparing your scrumptious masala tea. To buy Assam tea online India, visit the Halmari tea website and browse through its numerous options. You can also avail yourself of the masala tea variants like Halmari Gold Masala Chai loose or Halmari Gold Masala Chai teabags from their website. Owned by the Daga family, Halmari Tea Estate produces the finest of tea types and holds a legacy of more than 100 years.



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