8 Teas to Drink for a Healthier Body and Mind

While enjoying a cup of brewing tea, you are also taking care of your body and mind.

Apart from its refreshing properties, tea can also provide a lot of other health benefits. Polyphenol compounds are present in tea, which are anti-oxidants that provide you with medicinal properties. These polyphenols hinder cell damage and might also protect you against cancer. Drinking tea also reduces the chances of developing cardiovascular diseases and also helps you to lose weight.

Studies have proven that older people who drink tea regularly have a highly developed cognitive function.

Different Teas that Improve Your Health

Green Tea

Polyphenols called catechins are present in green tea, which fights inflammation and keeps away chronic diseases like cancer, type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular diseases. For example, if you drink 5–6 cups of green tea per day, it will reduce the chances of contracting type 2 diabetes by 33 per cent. Drinking it also reduces the probability of stroke.

Chamomile Tea

Since chamomile tea is free of caffeine, it can be an effective way to calm yourself down before bedtime, helping you fall asleep. In addition, chamomile is the oldest known medicinal plant, having anti-inflammatory properties which boost immunity.

Chamomile may also aid women having premenstrual syndrome. It has anti-anxiety properties which help you relax.

Black Tea

Black tea prevents inflammation, diabetes and acts as a barrier against cancer and heart diseases. It also acts against declining memory and might rule out the risk of acquiring any neurocognitive disorder like dementia. Thus, it can be an effective alternative to green tea for preventing type 2 diabetes. In addition, flavonoids present in black tea helps keep cancer at bay.

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea improves your heart health. Having more than 2.5 cups of the beverage regularly checks bad cholesterol levels and lowers the risk of dyslipidemia, i.e. over-saturated level of lipid in the blood. Studies have shown that people drinking oolong has a lower chance of death from cardiovascular disease. You can also maintain a healthy weight. It also influences the proper functioning of the brain.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint infusion contains methanol which relaxes the muscles of the intestine and gastrointestinal tissues and reduces bloating. It also relieves chest pain and helps people with oesophagus disorders to swallow food easily by relaxing the lower oesophagus muscles. It also helps you to fall asleep quickly.

Fennel Tea

If you are having digestion problems, fennel tea is another option you can look up to. Fennel helps in the smooth passage of the bowel down the digestive tract. It has anti-oxidant properties and also treats irritable bowels syndrome. Additionally, fennel also helps to cope with menopause symptoms and side effects in post-menopausal women.

Hibiscus Tea

Apart from enjoying the tangy and delicious flavour of hibiscus tea, you can lower your high blood pressure by drinking it regularly. People with hypertension can expect to lower their blood pressure within six months by having the beverage and incorporating other dietary changes. It also reduces systolic and diastolic blood pressure. Hibiscus may also help with weight loss, lowering your body mass index.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea helps cure nausea. It is an effective treatment for relieving you of the sensation of vomiting. If you are undergoing chemotherapy, you might feel nauseated. Gingerol further protects you against diseases like cancer and diabetes.

While sipping your cup of steaming beverage, you are extracting numerous health benefits from it. Isn’t it great? Therefore, you should make it a habit of drinking tea at least once or twice every day.



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