Darjeeling first flush vs the second flush

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3 min readOct 26, 2022

Darjeeling region is spread against the Tibetan Himalayas. With alluring mountain valleys, this is one of the most-loved tourist destinations in India. Widely known as “The Queen of Hills”, Darjeeling is noted for not only its scenic beauty but also its lush green forests and friendly people. But most of all, the main attraction of this heavenly abode is the Tea.

The green blankets of tea plantations that spread extensively and majestically here produce one of the most exclusive and prized tea in the world. This is possible due to the region’s unique geography and topography that make the terrain challenging to access thus making the tea exclusive and prized. In these rough terrains, we also find a unique hybrid of China’s and India’s tea which is found nowhere else in the world.

Alongside the lofty hills in Darjeeling, the place also inhibits expansive tea reserves.

First Flush

Harvested in the spring season, the first flush is rare and therefore highly sought after. Since the first flushes are produced in small quantities, they sell out quickly at higher prices. The first flush at Darjeeling begins in March and continues till early May. The tea leaves produced in the first flush are often light and are also less oxidized which we notice in their silver highlights. These leaves tend to have a crisp flavor.

The first flush leaves are some of the freshest produce available with their leaves being plucked only a few months before they are packed and ready to be brewed. As compared to the second flush, the first flush brew of tea tends to have more caffeine. This can be influenced by several factors such as harvest time, the variety of the bush, preparation method, and other climatic factors. Because the first flush is prepared in boiling water and has a longer sleep time, it tends to have a high amount of caffeine.

Second Flush

The second flush of the Darjeeling tea begins in May and continues till Monsoon arrives. The product of the second flush is the common variety of tea that most people know as the Darjeeling tea. In terms of its flavour, this tea is more robust and nutty as compared to the first flush tea. It is darker and richer in colour and taste and is also called the ‘champagne of teas’. Although they share the same genetics as the tea of the first flush, the flavour and colour of the second flush tea differ from the first due to various climatic and harvesting factors.

The leaves brew a coppery hue with a unique taste and characteristics as compared to other black teas. Since it is the most common type of tea to be used, the second flush brew is easily available for use. It is best consumed with Milk and sugar as it goes well with delicacies like sweets, pastries, cookies etc and given the term “Tippy teas”. The difficulty in attaining these leaves and the technique used over centuries is what makes the Darjeeling tea so unique.

Now that you know much about the first flush and second flush of the wonderful and sought-after Darjeeling tea, you will also know the magic of over the centuries, passed on from generation to generation used to reach home across India and the world for the best brew and fine taste of Tea. As a tea connoisseur, one must definitely try Darjeeling’s finest (be it the first flush or the second flush).

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