Easy mocktail recipes to make at home with Tea

Whether you are trying to cope with the scorching summer heat or having a get-together with friends and family in your backyard, it is incomplete without a refreshing beverage. Now with the never-ending variety of mocktails, the beverage game has become even more fun. One is never out of options when deciding what mocktail to make, especially when combined with favorite beverages.

When talking about the most popular one, the one name that comes to us instantly is Tea. Yes, Tea has proved to be not only the most liked but also a versatile drink that blends easily well in various mocktail twists. Does the combination of Tea and mocktail sound divine to you?

If the mixologist in you wants to give this combination a go, well then here are some easy mocktail recipes that you can try at home using Tea to make your summer tropically refreshing and suitable for anyone.

Instead of making the conventional warm cup of tea for everyone, make chilled mocktails with Halmari Tea.

This is where the trending Matcha green Tea meets the mocktails to make a hydrating and refreshing classic beverage for your summer cool down. All you will need to make this drink is 4–6 mint leaves, lime juice, 1 tsp Matcha powder, sugar syrup, ice cubes, cold water, and soda if you want to add the sparkling twist. To make it, firstly tear and crush the mint leaves in a mocktail shaker or a large glass. Add ice, lime juice, cold water, Matcha powder, and syrup to it and shake well. Pour it into a glass full of ice cubes and you can add the soda here if desired. Lastly, garnish it with some lime wedges and mint leaves and here you have an effortless mocktail ready!

Green tea may sound boring to some as a hot beverage, but when made into a mocktail, this green tea cooler will make you feel like vacation poured into a glass! For this cooler, all you will require is green tea bags, ½ cup Pineapple juice, ½ cup orange juice, cold water, and of course ice cubes. Firstly start off with green tea. Add the green tea bags to 1 cup of boiling water for about 5 minutes. When it’s ready, remove the tea bags and add ice cubes, pineapple, and orange juice and stir it all well. Add this mixture to the mocktail shaker and shake it well. Pour it into a glass full of ice cubes and garnish with pineapple wedges or cherry.

May sound fancy but this mocktail is made with just four simple ingredients and is aromatic and fruitfully refreshing for a hot summer day. To make this you will require the best quality Assam tea, pomegranate juice, lime juice, and some sparkling water. Firstly you will need to add the Assam tea leaves or bags into 1 cup of boiling water for around 3–5 minutes and once it’s done, set aside to let it cool down or keep it in the fridge. Then add fresh pomegranate juice and lime juice to the tea and stir well. Shake this mixture in a cocktail shaker. Finally, pour the mixture into the glass and add the sparkling water. Garnish with blueberries (optional), ice cubes, and mint leaves. A tropical getaway right here!

One of the most famous flavors of the iced tea range has to be peach iced tea. Easy to blend with any, this flavor is perfect for a simple mocktail at home. For this Peach Tea Sparkler, all you need is simple sugar syrup, fresh peach, sparkling water, and some black tea. If you have tea bags then you need to make the tea and let it cool down. If you don’t have tea backs then buy black tea online in India. Shake all these ingredients well in the shaker and pour the sparkling water at the end with ice cubes. Garnish with rosemary for a fancy look and there you have a simple fresher ready!

That were quite some fancy yet super easy and chill mocktail recipes for the perfect tropical summer at home. Now, wait for all your friends and family to come over and demand more servings of these easy-to-make mocktails for all the pool parties and summer lunches. Wondering where you will get the best tea to make these mocktails? Don’t worry! Halmari Tea is here for you. It is an Assam-based tea estate that has spent over 100 years curating the best tea that you can serve your family members and visitors. From classic Assam tea to traditional English tea, black tea, and green tea, you can get it all at this tea estate. Furthermore, you can buy Earl grey tea bags from Halmari online to make flavorsome tea for yourself. So, for a normal cup of tea or exclusive tea mocktails, Halmari Tea always has the right type for everyone.



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