Here’s How a Cup of Tea Can Help You to Stay Healthy

Have a Cup of Tea Every Day and Enhance Your Immune System

Most of us love to start our mornings with a steaming cup of tea, followed by another one in the afternoons. But how many of us are aware that those cups of tea help our body to fight against diseases and viruses? Yes, it is true. Studies have shown that tea contains many essential nutrients that are good for our body. Not only does it help us stay healthy, but it also aids in improving our concentration and memory. Some of the ways in which tea strengthens your immune system and help you to stay healthy are –

  • Boosts Immunity –

Tea contains a variety of antioxidants like polyphenols and flavonoids which remove the free radicals present in our body and help in detoxifying. These antioxidants such as catechins also have anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and build up the body’s immunity against infections. Green tea contains vitamin c, which is another essential mineral. It is also an antioxidant that reduces inflammation and strengthens our body’s natural defences.

  • Better Heart Health

The antioxidants present in tea also help to lower and maintain systolic and diastolic blood pressure level and reduce the build-up of bad cholesterol in our arteries. Therefore, drinking tea, along with following a healthy lifestyle, decreases the chances of heart diseases. Black tea contains potassium which is an essential mineral, and it is vital for people who have a high blood pressure level.

  • Improves Gut Health –

Drinking tea regularly also enables one to have a healthy gut. It is because this beverage has antimicrobial properties that encourage the growth of good bacteria and eliminate harmful bacteria such as salmonella.

  • Lowers Blood Sugar Level

People who have diabetes can also have a cup of tea. Studies show that compounds present in tea increased insulin level and lowered blood sugar level in the human body.

There are different varieties, and blends of tea available and all of them are rich in health benefits. Some of these include –

  • Black Tea –

This is most popular among all the varieties of tea available in the market. It is high in caffeine content, and it will give you a boost of energy in the morning. Its leaves are fully oxidised, which gives it its intense flavour.

  • Green Tea –

The leaves of this tea are not oxidised; therefore, they contain higher levels of polyphenols. Also, they have low caffeine content.

  • Oolong Tea –

This is a traditional Chinese tea. It carries the health properties of both green and black tea.

  • White Tea –

They are picked before they are fully developed, which is responsible for its delicate, sweet flavour. The white tea leaves are rich in antioxidants more so than black or green tea.

  • Flavoured Teas –

This includes teas with externally added flavours. Some flavoured tea includes Earl-grey tea, peppermint tea etc.

Hence, include any tea that you like into your daily routine to enjoy the health benefits and to start your day on a high note.




Halmari Tea is the best Assam Tea Company and 9th best in the world, who believes in manufacturing tea with unmatched quality. Visit

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Halmari Tea Estate

Halmari Tea Estate

Halmari Tea is the best Assam Tea Company and 9th best in the world, who believes in manufacturing tea with unmatched quality. Visit

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