Is loose leaf tea better for the environment?

We are creatures of habit and often circle back to the things that we have always been comfortable with. However, the world is evolving every day and we need to accept new ways to save the planet. Everything we do has some or the other effect on our planet. With the rising global warming, we need to be conscious of our choices. Therefore today this article is to help you understand that something as small as teabags can also be harmful. It is a popular argument that loose tea is better for the environment.

Think about your planet while brewing some tea!

5 reasons you should choose loose tea leaves?

When you buy tea online you should try to go for the loose tea leaves. Loose tea leaves are perfect when you store them in an airtight container. There are more reasons to switch to loose tea leaves. Let’s begin with these parts.

They are more flavourful

Loose tea leaves are considered to be more flavourful. The tea leaves are not compressed therefore they open up more easily. When you add these leaves to boiling water you prepare the tea which is rich in flavor. The water nicely pampers the tea to open up. It is also a good practice for mindfulness. It is good to slow down a little bit and take some time out for yourself.

More sustainable

Loose teas in more sustainable. You can resume the tea leaves as compost. These used tea leaves can also help with hair care. Tea leaves are not very biodegradable. Studies reveal that 70% of the tea bags still remain even after composting. On the other hand, tea leaves will easily mix in the soil and provide more nutrition to the plants.

More nutrient-rich

Tea leaves are much more nutrient than tea bags. Since they brew better they infuse more nutrients into your tea. Teabags usually compress the leaves and restrict them from expanding. Loose is richer in vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals, and also has a better aroma.

Fresher tea

Teabags are industrially produced. Therefore, they are produced on a wholesome scale and are stored in a warehouse for a long time and shelved before they go out in the market. The tea used in teabags is of lower grade and goes through a lot of processing. They are mixed with artificial flavours that are not authentic. The tea factory in Assam of Halmari produces fresher teas and you should look for more in-grown brands to opt for better tea blends.

No plastic

It is a known fact that tea bags are laced with nylon and PET. The tea bag process also produces a lot of waste too. Even if the plastic used in the teabags is considered ‘food grade’ it does not reduce the risk. This plastic is a risk for your health in the long run. Therefore you must get rid of the habit of buying tea bags. You should switch to buying loose tea leaves for better health and a better environment.

The Halmari tea estate is one of the best tea producers in India. To buy tea online India you can go through Hamlari’s website. They sell the best quality loose tea leaves, in addition to a huge variety. Here, you can buy Assam tea online, oolong tea, white tea, green tea and more. You will get to learn about their tea-producing methods and the various benefits of tea from the website as well. All in all, Hamari is the best in the market if you want to be eco-friendly with your tea.



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