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When it comes to relaxation, there are many different methods that one can try. One of the easiest and most accessible is to make yourself a cup of herbal tea. This simple ritual can be surprisingly calming and can be a great way to reset your mind and body. The process of preparing tea can help you to relax even before you take a sip — it is soothing to watch the hot water as it steeps the herbs, and the scent of tea is calming in itself. Once you take that first sip, your body and mind can begin to naturally release the tension. So, if you’re not having a good night’s sleep, try making your own herbal tea and get proper sleep.

For uninterrupted sleep, try some herbal sleep teas.

Different herbal teas that induce sleep

There are various herbal teas you can try to get a good sleep.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is an effective remedy for insomnia as well as Generalised Anxiety Disorder. This tea has a sweet taste and a mild aroma. Making chamomile tea couldn’t be easier! All you need is some water, dried chamomile, and optionally, honey for sweetness. To begin making the tea, take a saucepan and start heating water on high heat. Once the water starts boiling, switch off the heat and add the dried chamomile. Let it sit for a minute covered, so the chamomile can steep and impart its flavor and aroma. After a minute, strain the chamomile tea into the tea cups. If you like, you can add honey to taste, but it is not necessary — you can skip it entirely. Give the tea a swirl and serve it while it’s still hot. So, if you are having trouble with sleep, buy chamomile tea bags and start making a cup of it before bedtime.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is great for digestive disorders, headaches, and body aches. It also promotes alertness. Brewing a cup of peppermint tea is a refreshing and easy way to enjoy a cup of tea. Start by boiling 4 cups of water in a pan. Once the water comes to a boil, add some peppermint leaves and turn off the heat. Let the pan sit for about 5 minutes to allow the tea to steep and the infusion to turn fragrant. Once the infusion is ready, strain it into some cups and add a little honey or jaggery if you like your tea a little sweet. Serve the tea in an insulated tumbler to enjoy it hot for a longer time. This simple and easy tea recipe is sure to tantalize your taste buds and provide a burst of flavor. Peppermint tea can be enjoyed both hot and cold, so you can have it according to your preference. Buy peppermint tea and make a delicious drink and relax.

Tulsi tea

Tulsi is a strong adaptogen that helps to regulate hormones and reduces stress. It further energizes the mind, boosts immune function, uplifts mood, and sharpens awareness. Making a cup of hot tulsi tea can get you to sleep like a baby and start the morning on a refreshing note. To make the perfect cup of tulsi tea, start by boiling two and a half cups of water on a high flame. Once the water starts boiling, add in the tulsi, chopped ginger, and cardamom powder, and let them simmer on a medium flame. Let it simmer until the water reduces to two cups. After turning off the gas, strain the tea into two glasses and enjoy! For added flavor, add a dash of honey and lemon juice. That’s it!

Rosemary tea

Rosemary helps reduce inflammation and pain as well as improves cognitive function and memory. If you’re looking for a delicious and simple way to enjoy the flavor of rosemary, try this easy rosemary-infused tea! Start by boiling two to three cups of water, and adding two sprigs of fresh rosemary. Once the water starts boiling, shift it to a mug and allow the rosemary to steep for five minutes. This will allow the rosemary to infuse its flavor into the tea. After five minutes, add a hint of honey or agave if desired, and squeeze in some lemon juice from one wedge. This step is required to get the best flavor, otherwise, the rosemary can be too overpowering. Enjoy the delicious and refreshing rosemary-infused tea!

Making your own herbal sleep tea at home is a great way to improve your sleep quality. Herbal sleep tea is an easy and natural way to ease the mind and body and get the restful sleep you need. Experiment with different herbs and flavors to find the perfect combination for a restful and peaceful night’s sleep. You can also get instant herbal tea bags from Halmari Tea Store and start making sleep teas.



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