Miraculous Effects of Drinking Green Tea with Lemon for Your Skin

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2 min readNov 11, 2019

Green tea and its endless benefits for the skin and physical health is no more a secret! It’s a drink loved by all as it contains potent antioxidants and is, therefore, an excellent beverage for your health.

Researches show that the sale of green tea bags online has significantly gone up for their ability to enhance skin radiance, especially when you add a dash of lemon to it. Additionally, it has striking and powerful effects on health conditions including the brain and heart.

Green tea with lemon and its skin benefits

Manufacturers derive it from Camellia Sinensis plant. These tea leaves appear pale green or light yellow and carry an earthy aroma and flavor. Since green tea goes through minimal processing, its brew can effectively retain the initial compounds providing majority health benefits.

Drinking green tea with lemon is an excellent way of taking care of your skin as they help in relieving a majority of skin disorders.

• A potent antibacterial agent

Polyphenol is an active compound in green tea that can impair bacterial cells. This, in turn, can combat any epidermal infection and is effective nutrition that treats acne, a product of bacterial growth.

Sipping green tea bags every morning will ensure your body fights and kills recurring microbial infection and give you clear, smoother skin.

• Brings a bag full of vitamins

Green tea leaves brace the goodness of Vitamins E and B2 — both essential to maintain skin health. The former aids in the growth of new cells and acts as intense hydration to nourish and soften your skin. Conversely, B2 maintains the skin’s collagen levels to restore its youthful and firm structure. This brings the glow on your skin. Besides, lemon is a powerhouse of nutritive vitamins for the skin.

• Contains tannins and caffeine

These two components of green tea help the blood vessels present around your eyes to shrink. Believe it or not, it can immediately treat dark circles and puffy eyes!

And, drinking green tea with lemon has powerful brightening and skin de-puffing properties, helping you to get rid of pigmentation and other skin conditions. It also has moisturizing effects on your skin.

So, if you’re for this magic tea, you’ll get green tea bags online in abundance.

• Promotes DNA repair

Drinking green tea can help you combat skin cancer, as it is a potent DNA repairing agent. Its possession of antioxidant properties, namely EGCG, can fight DNA damages that are outcomes of exposure to UV rays.

Additionally, they also contain potent anti-aging ingredients. They bring backs the skin elasticity on daily consumption. Also, if you are looking for some magic potion that can reduce blemishes and even out skin tone, then green tea with lemon is your go-to solution for all at a time.

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