What is the right time to drink green tea?

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4 min readSep 9, 2022

People in India have always loved tea! Be it a morning freshener or an evening refreshment. Nowadays, people are shifting towards healthy alternatives to tea so that they can add some health benefits with every sip of tea. Speaking of health benefits, there is Green tea which most people consume as a healthy alternative. This tea comes in different flavors so that customers can enjoy its taste.

Green tea comes from a plant called Camellia sinensis. The plant’s leaf buds and dried leaves are further used to make other forms of tea like black and oolong tea. Preparation of green tea is quite simple and it caters to a lot of health benefits.

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Halmari tea company is an online tea store that offers various types of tea from Assam. You can also buy green tea bags if you wish to check the taste of the tea. To know more about green tea, continue to read the article.

What are the benefits of green tea?

People have made green tea a healthy replacement for regular tea. Let us further check what are the benefits of consuming green tea instead of a regular one.

  • It is believed that countries that show a high range of green tea consumption have lower rates of cancer in their people. Some cancers for which green tea is beneficial are breast cancer, bladder cancer, ovary cancer, stomach cancer, and skin cancer.
  • We all have heard that people are switching to green tea to lose their belly fat. Well, that is true! Green tea has shown great results for those who are having it in their weight loss diet. It is observed that people who take lemon green tea have shown better results. At Halmari Tea Company you can buy lemon green tea bags and give them a try.
  • Green tea has some anti-inflammatory factors that are helpful in any type of inflammatory skin disease. Certain cosmetic brands use green tea extract in their cosmetic products that show it has skin value in it. You can buy green tea online from the Halmari tea company if you want to try it for any type of skin-related issues.
  • In some studies, it is revealed that green tea is helpful in cardiovascular disease. A factor that is present in green tea is Polyphenols which are helpful in lowering blood pressure, inflammation, and heart disease.
  • It is also revealed in a study that consumption of green tea either in the form of a beverage or capsule can help in maintaining the cholesterol level to some extent.
  • Green tea is also helpful in enhancing the memory power of the individual. Also in some cases, green tea is helpful in preventing Alzheimer’s disease. It has also proven to be beneficial for patients who suffer from type-2 diabetes.

At Halmari Tea Company you can simply order it online. However, people often dislike the taste of green tea. If you still wish to try green tea then you can buy jasmine green tea which is a scented tea and tastes slightly different from normal green tea.

The ideal time to have green tea

We have come across the benefits green tea contains. These benefits are helpful if you take it adequately in proper time and quantity.

Here are timing when you can try green tea including,

  • Morning Time: people tend to have green tea in the morning because it contains caffeine. It is helpful in maintaining concentration throughout the day. It also enhances attention and alertness.
  • Before Exercise or workout: A study has revealed that consumption of green tea before exercise and workout can be beneficial. It is also believed that if you take green tea extract before a workout then that will help in increasing the possibility of burning fat by 17%. It is also helpful in speedy recovery from heavy workouts.
  • People have also said that consuming green tea during the night can help in reducing stress and you can have a proper sleep. But some have also suggested that there are certain disadvantages as well. Some may experience nighttime wakings because of the urge of peeing.

After going through all the points you can add green tea to your daily routine according to your need and life schedule. It is believed that green tea is enriched with numerous health-beneficial components. If you take it properly then that will help you improve certain medical conditions as well. You can buy green tea online India at Halmari Tea Company. Halmari Tea Company is based in Assam and it is in the 9th position for producing tea in India. You can explore their online store and select the best tea for yourself. Enjoy Assam’s tea from the Halmari store at your home as they deliver your order to your doorstep.



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